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Book Review Requests



Reviewing books is the bread and butter of the online book community. I have been so incredibly blessed to find some amazing friends, authors, and favorite reads from the review opportunities this community has given me.

If you would like to reach out about me reviewing your book, please direct all inquiries directly to my email below.

In the subject line of the email, please put “Book Review Request – ” the name of your book, so it is easily identified in my inbox. Thank you.

Is your book a good fit for me?

While I believe every book has someone who will love it, I also do not believe every book is going to fit every single persons tastes. That being said, please look over my preferences below before asking me to review your book. I am not too picky and have no triggers that I will 100% avoid, but I do have things I prefer to read.

Steph’s reading preferences

Keep in mind these are just some of my first preferences. I also read thrillers, mysteries, YA, etc. So I will be open to most review requests.

What to include in your email:

Please note that while I love reviewing books and receiving ARCs, I also have a personal TBR and life to live. I reserve the right to deny any review requests that I can’t manage into my schedule.

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