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Soup Season-al Book Recs

Soup Seasonal Book Recs

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I started a new series on TikTok and I named it “Soup Season-al Book Recs”. It’s where I make a soup recipe, film it for TikTok, and voice over a book recommendation that is fitting for the time of year.

Soup is one of my favorite things of all time, as well as cooking, Kitchen Creating as I prefer to call it, and, of course, BOOKS.

This combines so many of my favorite passions and I am so excited to make the next installment of this little series.

Originally I was only intending for it to be a TikTok series but I’m going to bring it to the blog and Instagram as well.

Considering I wasn’t planning on making this more than a TikTok series, I’m sorry for the lackluster content today. I’ll take better pictures and such in the future. Below are the two “episodes” of the series I’ve done so far and I can’t wait for the next one.


Scream for us by @mollydoyleauthor Soup recipe adapted from @Hayden check out their page for the actual recipe & measurements #soupseasonalbookrecs #soupszn #screamforus #bookrecommendations #happyhalloween #bookclub #bookishtiktok #spicybook

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