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I am so freakin excited that you’ve decided to read Zodiac Academy! It is my all-time favorite series and I will forever since the praises of this amazing story. I discovered the world of Solaria in August of 2021 and my life was forever changed. Literally.

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TOMORROW, September 28th, we are getting THE COVER AND TITLE REVEAL so we can finally stop referring to it as Book 8! And I am so excited.

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I have officially started my dedicated reread of my favorite series of all time, and my whole brain is even more consumed than normal. I love being back in this world so much and whether you’re just starting the series for the first time or starting your own reread, I’ve created a little Zodiac Academy Reader’s Survival Kit. You can shop directly from my Storefront HERE.

This is just for fun. You do not need any of these things I’m about to share besides the books. You definitely need the books.

1. A green dragon STRESS BALL #iykyk

There is no denying this series is stressful AF and we can all squeeze this green dragon stress ball to death as needed. If you know you know.

2. Tablet Stand

I do not have this. This is on my list of things I’ll be in preparation for this book release in the instance a money tree sprouts up in my backyard.

This stand would be perfect for your kindle, paired with the item below, for hands-free reading because we’re going to be binging ZA 8 without stopping. We’re in this for the long haul, baby. We need to be comfy.

3. Remote Control Page Turner

For the same reason as above, we’re looking for ultimate comfort abilities for the hours of reading time we’re going to be giving this release. I say we, I mean me. I just assume everyone is as obsessed as me. Which many are….soooo stands and clickers for all!

4. Book Prop Pillow

This is a good option for those of you who will be reading the physical book. I personally wouldn’t use this because I can’t read something that’s that far away from me. I’d need it sitting on my literal chest. I love that it has pockets on the side for bookmarks, annotation supplies, etc.

5. Annotation Supplies

I’m currently annotating my Zodiac Academy books on my reread in preparation for this next book release and am loving it so much. I don’t think I’ll be a person who annotates every book I read, but I really am enjoying marking up the pages of my favorite series, with my favorite characters, and my favorite world. These are the pens and tabs I’m using.

I also have gel highlighters but I’m not a huge fan of them. They don’t bleed through the pages, but they’re like a crayon consistency and I don’t love it.

6. Pacifica Beauty Depuff and Calm Balm

We’re going to be crying, besties. I just finished my reread of The Awakening, which I didn’t even cry over the first or second reread, but for some reason, I was crying over the end of it this time.

Then the further along we get in this series, the more crying is happening. For me at least, I’m a big crier.

7. Tissues

Because crying. Need I say more?

8. Eye masks

Continuing the vibe. But these eye masks are my fav, ever. I love them so much and with lack of sleep, we can all use a mask that says it’s an energy drink for your eyes.

9. Wearable blanket

You will not be catching me with a bra or pants on for the duration of my Book 8 read-through. This is the perfect reading companion for a delicious book release happening in chilly December.

10. Grippy socks

Grippy socks…..but make it fashun.

If you’re reading this and you have not embarked on a Twisted Sister series journey yet, just know, you’re in for some trauma. That being said, it’s a truly amazing, wild ride and I’ll recommend it all day every day.

Wear these grippy socks so we can all practice for the grippy socks vacation The Sisters will be sending us on. Maybe we can be roommates?

11. Lip Balm

Okay, so I got this in an Ipsy bag and didn’t realize how expensive it was until I went looking for it on Amazon for my Storefront, but it’s truly one of my favorite lip products.

I’m an anxious lip/cheek bitter. Did you know that was a sign/symptom of anxiety? Read more about that here. I like to keep some sort of balm on my lips to try to avoid chewing on them as much as possible and since Zodiac Academy is a very stress-inducing series, it’ll be good to keep those babies moisturized.

12. Snacks and Bevs

In the comments on my TikTok I made about this, someone said they also need UberEats gift cards because she’s not cooking for her family. I feel like in my bones.

13. My favorite water bottle

Stay hydrated, besties.

14. Earplugs

I don’t want to hear a single sound of the real world when I am reading this book. All I want to hear is the sound of my brain translating the words on the pages into words in my head and to be visualizing all the gloriousness that is Solaria. I will not exist when I have this book in my hands. Don’t call me, don’t text me. Don’t expect to see me on social media. Nothing. I do not exist.

And that is a wrap for my Zodiac Academy Reader Survival Kit

There are a few honorable mentions you can find in my Storefront, so feel free to browse that. But now that we’re through that, tell me, have you read Zodiac Academy? If you have, are you going to do a reread in preparation for book 8? Are you excited for the Title Reveal on Wednesday? I need to know all the things.

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