My Twilight Red Flag Reread

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t heard about Twilight? I highly doubt it. The books are still on the shelves of most bookstores, every GoodWill we go to has at least one book from the series, and the movies are still some of the most loved and talked about films. At least in my friend group. I feel like the 2000s were dominated by the Team Edward and Team Jacob divide.

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In this post, I’m going to talk about how this reread came to be, why I decided to join, what supplies I’m using, and how I’m annotating my books.

Stephanie, why are you doing this re-read?

Originally the idea came from my sweet BookTok friend, Amy. You can find her on TikTok at @liter.amie and then my other Twilight-obsessed book bestie, Madi, who you can find @madicantstopreading on TikTok, decided she wanted to do a Red Flag Reread and made a Facebook group dedicated to everyone who wanted to join. You can join the group HERE. (I’m writing this post on 9/8/22 so depending on when you’re reading this it might not be an active group anymore)

I was a couple of years late to the initial Twilight craze and read it when I was around 17 or 18 years old. I was a diehard Edward Cullen fan from that very first Twilight book. Obsessed is the understatement of the year when describing how much I loved that vampire. I bought the hardcover box set with the money I made from my daycare job and at the time it was one of the biggest purchases I had ever made for myself.

Fast forward to 2022, that box sex was collecting dust in my basement. I actually almost donated it a couple of times but held onto it because I am a ridiculously sentimental person. It even has prints included with the artwork from each cover. Don’t ask me why I love that.

I’ve started my reread and have finished Twilight (The first book in the series) and now I feel like I need this gorgeous white paperback box set and the illustrated guide. Why? I have no clue because like I just said, my original set was collecting dust in the basement.

I’m just taken back to the nostalgia of going to Hot Topic to shop for twilight merch and waiting for the next movie to come out and UGH. It takes me back.

How are you annotating your books?



Learn to pronounce


  1. a note of explanation or comment added to a text or diagram.”marginal annotations

I am still so new to annotating my books. I started my first annotating journey with my Zodiac Academy tandem reread and since then have gotten a little comfier with the idea.

Actually, I didn’t even know what annotating was until I stumbled into the online book community and saw all of these readers with their pages colorfully tabbed and thoughts scribbled into the margins. I fell madly in love with the look of the overstuffed tabs and the idea of taking extra care while reading to mark your thoughts and feelings.

Now, personally, I will not and cannot annotate every book. I just don’t have the attention to detail required to be such a thorough reader but I do love seeing everyone’s flatlays on Instagram with their beautifully marked up books.

Now that that rambling is over, how I’ll be annotating my books is fairly simple. It’s called a red flag reread because we’re supposed to be tabbing all of Edwards “red flag”, or toxic, moments.Since I’ve already completed book once, I can tell you Bella has more red flags than Edward hahaha

  • Red – Red flag
  • Green – Classic Twilight nostalgia
  • Pink – Wait, okay, I still love Edward
  • Light blue – quotes to remember
  • Yellow – Emotional
  • Purple – cringe/LOL

My most used colors so far are red, pink and green coming in third place. I used maybe one yellow and purple tab. Which I probably could’ve used more purple now that I think about it.

*Rereads Twilight and is already looking at Twilight merch on Amazon and Etsy*

Now tonight I am making mushroom ravioli, drinking coke, and watching the Twilight movie to compare.

Have you read Twilight? Were you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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