The Ultimate Fall Cozy Bookish Day Guide

The perfect bookish fall day

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I am 100% in fall mode. I currently have pumpkin pecan waffle syrup in my coffee and am wanting to read only fall/festive/witchy books right now. We’ve already watched Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas and I am just ready for fall. So while it’s still too hot to function outside, let’s dream about crisp autumn days.

Okay, so let’s set the mood here. We’re going to start out with a fall morning as well as plan a fall evening because this is how I want to be spending my time right now.

Cozy Fall Morning

Make yourself a bevy

You wake up, make your bed, and head to make yourself a festive coffee.

This is the coffee I have sitting in my cabinet right now and it smells SO GOOD.

Then you grab your pumpkin pecan waffle syrup and whip it with some milk in a gloriously boujee frother.

I have that frother in the middle because my dad is boujee and bought it for me. I asked for one for Christmas and expected something like the one on the right but I haven’t personally used that one. One thing I will say about my frother is it so nice and froths cold or hot but it’s just annoying to clean for me personally. I think I’d rather rinse that handheld one and be done with it.

Find a cozy spot

For me, my cozy spot is typically in my bed, but for the sake of dream casting this ‘Perfect Fall Morning’, we’re going to look at some options I wish I had to cozy up in.

I always make an effort to be overly transparent about items I am linking that I haven’t personally used. Check out my affiliate disclaimer for more info on this subject.

This is the chair I’m personally obsessing over. I want it in this gorgeous dusty pink color, but they have so many options available on Amazon if pink isn’t your thing.

This lamp gives me fantasy book vibes. Don’t ask me to elaborate on that because I literally cannot, but I love it and this is the exact lamp I want over my pink chair.

Because a reading nook needs a blanket. Does this match the chair I want? No. Do I love it and does it spark joy? Yes.

And, of course, a kindle. This is the kindle I personally have, use and love and, even though I do want to upgrade for no real reason, it is perfect for my kindle needs.

Now, let’s switch it up to evening…..

Perfect Fall Evening

People often say they prefer reading in the morning vs the evening. I don’t know that I can really say I love one more than the other because it truly all depends on my mood that day. Especially in the Fall, I absolutely ADORE the crisp, dewy mornings but also love the chilly evenings, even more so if books or festive movies are involved.

I am someone who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and is not always a fan of the earlier sunsets. If you notice you’re struggling during the shorter days, please talk to your doctor about it.

Now let’s set up my perfect fall reading evening!


This is my beautiful, magnificent Emotional Support water bottle. The color is Pearl, she holds a delicious 64oz of pure hydration and it’s literally the best water bottle I’ve ever owned in my life.

She comes with three lid options but straws are my favorite forever and ever and always, so the straw lid is what I personally use.

There are a ton of colors and I can’t say enough good things about this water bottle.

Now, you might be like “Uhhhhhhhh, water? Steph, really?” but I already mentioned that I suffer from SAD and since alcohol is a depressant, you definitely will catch me limiting consumption in the fall and winter months.

I did just stumble upon this tea, though, and added it to my cart. Soothing caramel bedtime? Like, hello fall evening reading bevy.

Cozy everything

These have been on my wishlist since last year and I think I might need to finally grab them for myself this year. They look like a literal dream.

This is another super cozy thing I’ve been wanting since last year. Both of these are in my saved items in my Amazon cart. I have hundreds of items in there, it’s actually ridiculous. I love filling shopping carts, though. Fake shopping is a literal favorite pastime of mine hahaha

They also have these matching pants, but wearing pants is not my idea of cozy.

I’m 100% reading in bed at nighttime. Sometimes I’ll be out on the sofa if I deem it cozy enough, but 9/10 times I’m in bed, in the dark, on the kindle app on my phone. But I want one of these pillows so badly for when I’m reading physical books in bed.

Here’s a little reading ambiance for you.

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