The Dead Men Walking Duet – The Death Club and Society of Psychos by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

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If you’ve been around a minute, you know I am a HUGE fan of The Twisted Sisters, also known as Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti. Request to join their reader’s Facebook group if you’re not already in there.

These sisters turn co-authors are literary geniuses who have created some highly spectacular worlds, extremely loveable characters, and mindblowing stories. (Enter at your own risk, they’re also queens of the cliffhangers) They also are the masterminds who have gifted me and the world the best fictional boyfriend on the face of all the planets, Darius Acrux. Meet the love of my life, Darius Acrux, in Solaria by reading Zodiac Academy.

I am going to have to write a blog post on how my love affair with The Twisted Sisters and Zodiac Academy came to be, but for today let’s focus on this brilliant duet, The Dead Men Walking Duet.

If you are actively a part of the online book community, then you are familiar with the term ARC, and for those of you who have no clue what that means, an ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy of a book before the release date.

Book two in the Dead Men Walking duet, Society of Psychos, was released on April 23 and I was fortunate enough to get an ARC copy! My first Twisted Sister ARC! I was so freakin’ excited.

Spoiler Free Review

This duet is a dark romance and is very twisty. It is also a reverse harem. Enter at your own risk! But if this sounds like something you’d like to read, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend giving these books a shot.


If you’ve never read a dark romance before, I would suggest that you go do some research and make sure you’re comfortable with possible themes that may arise. This duet is definitely not for everyone.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, ON TO THE FUN PART! Talking about this glorious, amazing, truly wonderful book!

A quick book summary by Stephanie:

  • Reverse harem
  • Multiple points of view
  • dark romance
  • enemies to lovers (ish)
  • Written in first person
  • for 18+ readers
  • found family

We meet Brooklyn Meadows, who’s living on the streets and suffers from mental illnessl She is truly one of the most hilarious characters, if not the most hilarious character, I’ve ever met. She is caring, unhinged, kind, and wild. I’m utterly obsessed with her. Her inner dialogue is wild comedic gold.

Next up, we meet Niall O’Brien. Niall is a wild hit man with a huge heart but is also just as unhinged as our main girl, Brooklyn. Niall is also a character that is written so well, and so hilariously, that you will be laughing out loud at so many parts of his story it’s insane. It is so crazy to me how Niall is such a crazy man but how madly in love with him I am at the same time. I’m like wait……I probably shouldn’t think this is sweet, but it’s giving sweet vibes.

Even though this is a duet, there is a more book’s in this world

The beautiful thing about the Twisted Sisters writing is that they typically have interconnected series set in the same fictional worlds, so I got some glimpses at these two loves of mine in two other series of theirs.

The Dead Men Walking Duet is a beautifully told story of a lost band of misfits finding each other and who go from being the outcasts of society and social circles to finding a sense of belonging. It’s a really great series.

It is a truly wild ride and if this sounds like something you’d like to read, I recommend bumping it to the top of your TBR ASAP!

If you want the whole world experience and get all of the character crossovers, I’d recommend starting with Kings of Quarantine, then reading The Dead Men Walking Duet, and then reading the Harlequin Crew series.

Reviews on other mentioned series to come.

We are giving this whole series a 5/5 star review and a 5/5 on the spice scale because they bring the HEAT with this one.

I think one of my favorite aspects of the sisters writing, besides the utter hilarity that is this duet, is how they create and write relationships. They create their characters and stories in such a unique way that really makes you feel like these are people you truly know and love. I often find myself missing characters from their books, and this series is no different.

Not even being my usual dramatic self, but I think about Niall and Brooklyn on a weekly basis and miss them so incredibly much its ridiculous.

Have you read this duet yet?? If not, have I convinced you to?!

It is truly one of my all time favorites at this point and I cannot wait to hear your thoughts!

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