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HYPERFIXATED ON EVERYTHING, FOREVER. This is me. I have such a ferociously addictive personality that I will become utterly, totally, and completely OBSESSED with many things. So, I decided I was going to make a hyper fixation series. Ya know, like a ton of bloggers make monthly favorites posts, but make it hyper fixated.

I haven’t decided if I will be doing this as a monthly series or possibly a quarterly series. It depends on how much stuff I manage to become pathetically in love with at any given time, so we shall see.

The easy thing about this is I’ll be able to make it into a blog post, a youtube video, or a TikTok and I can probably make Instagram content out of it.

If you’re any kind of influencer, make sure you’re optimizing your content by redistributing it everywhere. Some people will watch your TikTok’s but never read your blog or vice versa, so redistribute! We’re all about working smarter not harder over here at Stephlivesinpages.

Since we’re kicking off this series, this has the potential at being a beefier-sized post with a ton of glorious hyper fixations.

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1. Kindle

My current and most in-depth hyper fixation is the sweet, love of my life, Kindle. Actually, now that I’m sitting here typing this, I realize this beauty doesn’t have a name. Everything in my life has a name….Frank, my Roomba. Rhonda, my ring light. Poor Kindle…..probably doesn’t even realize how much I love him.

Anyway, I love this thing so fiercely because it is ultimately how I ended up rediscovering my love of reading and escaping into a fictional world. It came with a 3 month trial of KindleUnlimited and my life has forever been changed. I’m pretty sure somewhere on this blog you can find another post or two where I am ranting and raving about how utterly in love I am with this particular subscription.

I have pretty severe anxiety. *I do be high functioning, tho* and when I am reading it is one of the only times where my brain is not going 100mph and thinking of seventeen different topics at once. Pure bliss.

2. Sunless tanner

SUNLESS TANNER. Okay, so I’ve used the tanner above, I also use the face drops that are in a cute little skull and I think my favorite is the B.Tan glow your own way gel that you can only get at Ulta.

I have officially hit the big ol’ 30 in age and, unfortunately, my early teens to my early 20’s I was heavy on the sun-worshipping and not so heavy on the skincare, so my skin is looking ROUGH, but I also still love being tan. I can’t help it….I just love lookin’ crispy. So enter a good sunless tan for this summer.

Like I said, I love the clear gel by B.TAN that’s only available from Ulta the most, but this darkest tan possible foam was also good. I got the set that came with the hand mitt, too.

3. 10ft chargers

One of my toxic traits is that my phone is always dying. Another of my toxic traits is that I will not stop using it long enough to let it charge peacefully. My brother says this is why my battery life is garbage on every phone, but YOLO.

I use my phone for literally everything. I could’ve never survived in any other era. Maps, music, books, texts, flashlight, calculator. It’s all right in the palm of my hand. Plus I have a newfound TikTok addiction. But I also cannot have silence. I need background noise, always. I used to just let the TV play in the background. (friends, Gilmore girls, or golden girls) but I’ve gotten away from that in the last couple of years and now mostly play music. I’m trying to get more into audiobooks but it’s a slow go.

I seriously don’t know how anyone drives anywhere without using the maps app on their phone? I’m useless without my phone. Truly.

4. Supergoop! Glow Screen

Okay, so I already mentioned my love for being tan. My 30-year-old face shows the signs of my sun-loving days, so I have been making a serious attempt to keep the sunscreen flowing on my face at least. I used to never wear sunscreen EVER. One of my biggest regrets to date.

5. Bobby pins with a magnetic case

Is this a weird one? hahaha I don’t know why, but this makes me so happy. When I ordered these bobby pins I didn’t even realize they came with the amazing case but it has truly changed the game. I am the queen of losing bobby pins but for whatever reason having this case has me slipping them back in.

6. Pop sockets

Pop sockets are a perma-hyper fixation. I don’t know how people hold their devices without one. My pop socket fell off of my phone (after years at this point) and it literally is the worst torture of my life having to hold this phone without one. Pathetic first-world problems.

7. Zodiac Academy by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

No words are needed. I mean, unless you’re new here, you know this series is my whole life. I will be obsessed for the rest of my days.

8. The most flattering swimsuit I’ve ever owned

I am 5’9″, 2 hundo some lbs, and this is the most beautifully flattering swimsuit ya girl has ever owned. I love it so much. It’s high-waisted, a flowy beautiful top. Don’t put it in the dryer, though. It mildly shrank.

9. My favorite personal development book of all time

This book is absolutely amazing, life-changing, and a must-read for every human being. Personal development saved my life. It will forever be something I am so passionate about, and truly is how I ended up getting back into reading in the first place.

I have so many personal development books that I love, but How to do the work by Dr. Nicole LePera is definitely at the top of the top.


I have bleached and dyed my hair blue three times now and my hair is just ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I give all the credit to olaplex. I bought my bottles in October of 2021 and today, June 12th, 2022, I am still using those same bottles! So, I know they’re pricey, but they last forever and truly have changed my hair for the better. AMAZING PRODUCT. Obsessed forever.

I think that’s a good start to my hyper fixations and after writing this post, I believe we’ll be doing a seasonal post from here on out. I can’t wait to get to fall and Christmas hyper fixations!

Are you currently madly, totally, and utterly obsessed with something?? Let me know in the comments!

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