How to make your own City of Starlight vibes wall

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Ugh, this blog is so neglected. It started as my main focus, my pride and joy, my main plug to the book community….and then I got on Tiktok. Which is why I’m back here in the first place.

I made a TikTok about my beautiful, magnificent, Velaris vibey accent wall in my bedroom, and it’s currently blowing up like nothing else I’ve ever posted. Wild that a wall is getting an insane amount of likes while I’m so hilarious, but whatever. And now I’m going to write a blog post on how I did it, including links to what I used, because it’s just a little easier than a TikTok since I’m able to include all these extra words and there’s no one here to stop me.

Click the photo!!

So, before we get into the pictures and the process of how I did the wall, I’m going to link what I used.

If the link is an amazon link, it is an affiliate link which means I get a commission if you make a purchase! At no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my wild self and all these crazy ideas of mine. If the link is not an amazon link, it is NOT an affiliate link and I do NOT make a commission.

The paint I used is a beautiful shade of black called Noir and is by Valspar. Find it HERE.

This is the FIRST kind of glitter I added to the paint. You can read more detail and see photos of how this came out below.

This is the glitter I credit with the beautiful results you see in the TikTok. Get it from Hobby Lobby HERE.

Paint tray from Dollar General my brush wasn’t orange like that one on the listing but everything else seems to be the same. I got mine from my local store, not online. It worked fine. I also got my painter’s tape for the walls from Dollar General.

So black and glitter are actually my favorite colors. After finishing the ACOTAR series, I was hyper-fixated on it (Obviously) and even though I took a test that told me I’m in Winter Court, (because internet fandom tests….I love) I am in love with Velaris and all of the cozy vibes always mentioned in regards to the City of Starlight. My ultimate goal is to have a whole Velaris themed, coziest reading vibes, bedroom. But your girl is mildly broke, so it’ll be a long work in progress. I’ll post my vision board blog on what my current dream for the room is at a later date

Glitter wall is a beautiful backdrop for Bookstagram photos!

This is what the wall looked like before painting. When we moved in, I thought it would be a good idea to use matte paint on every surface. That was a horrible idea. I had no clue what I was doing and am slowly having to repaint all the matte surfaces because matte paint is HORRIBLE to keep clean. I just was like “oh I love how matte looks. Lets get that” No. Not with paint on the walls. Don’t do matte paint. I believe I used semi-gloss for this particular project but a lot of my walls are now high gloss and they’re so easy to wipe clean.

I honestly would probably skip this glitter altogether and just recommend going for the hobby lobby glitter.

DISCLAIMER: My advice is that of a broke girl who loves glitter. Do not come back at me if you ruin a wall with my process… your own research. I know there is glitter paint and all that jazz….but again….BUDGET DIYER over here.

This was the first coat and I was so bummed with the lack of glitter showing. It was visible, but not at all what I wanted. I polled on Instagram and it was almost unanimous that we needed more glitter, but ordering more would’ve taken DAYS for whatever reason, so my husband grabbed some of the hobby lobby glitter, and truly it is exactly what I wanted.

4 coats of paint and a whole bunch of glitter later, I got the EXACT wall I was dreaming of.

After its wild popularity on TikTok, I figured I’d type up this quick post for anyone who is wanting more details on how I did it. But, seriously, do your own research and know that I never have any idea what I’m doing. I’m just winging it….everything…..always.

Are you going to make your own City of Starlight wall?!?!?! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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