A Simple Sunday Reset

SUNDAY FUNDAY! A day of rest for some, a day of fun for others, but something we can almost all agree on, is Sunday is a great day to reset and refocus for the week to come.

If there is one thing that I struggle with, though, it’s routines. I am more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of person. The less structure, the better, but my anxious brain also thrives on a loose routine.

Monday’s are also mini New Year, so it’s nice to set some intentions for your Sunday.

I am also the Queen of self-care and treat yo self, so keep that in mind as we venture on this fun Sunday reset routine journey.

I am firmly team Sunday Funday/day of rest. If you are someone who has off on Sundays and is capable of using it as a rest day, please do. If you don’t have Sunday in particular off, I still firmly believe that we need to make time for self-care, especially for our mental health.

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Make some time for skin care

I have extremely dry skin, so I use a scrub at least once a week, but I also use a lip scrub because my lips are also dry and flaking. (I’m a lip chewer. Read about lip/cheek biting HERE) My favorite face scrub is Young Living’s Satin Mint Face Scrub but one I want to try is from Frank Body.

My favorite lip scrub is from Frank Body, smells like straight-up coffee and is so delicious I’m half tempted to just eat it with a spoon. The lip balm it comes with (but my fav lip duo HERE) is so mild, which I love, and it is so moisturizing. The only thing I don’t like is you use your finger to apply it. Which maybe you don’t have to, I’ll have to look more clearly, but it works so good I can easily look past that fact.

I’ve also made my own Coffee Scrub which you can read about HERE, but I am still interested to try Frank’s, especially after using their lip scrub and loving it so much.

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Frank’s also has a couple of masks I’d love to get my grabby mitts on, but my current favorite is Young Living’s charcoal mask. I try to use that at least once a week. It smells so good and leaves my skin feeling so soft.

I also have an insane love for these little gold eye masks for whatever reason. I put them under my eyes but then also on my “laugh line” area.

Take an hour for your favorite leisure activity

What’s your favorite way to relax? Do you like to watch Netflix? Listen to a podcast or music? Read a book?

Sunday (or whatever your day of rest is. We’re just using Sunday for blog purposes) is such a great time to take an hour (or more. Watch Netflix all day if that’s what strikes your fancy) to catch up on your favorite show, book or podcast.

My favorite reads of 2021

What is your favorite podcast? I’m still stuck on Crime Junkies but would love so new suggestions.

I go through phases of what I lean towards but right now I’m on a heavy reading kick. I have KindleUnlimited and it’s really changed my life when it comes to reading.

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Contact a loved one

Life gets so busy. Schedules are tight, errands need to be done, things just keep getting in the way and time is flying by, but something to make a little time for on your rest day is to contact a loved one.

When the mood strikes me, I sometimes take a couple minutes to send out texts to my close friends, my Dad, and my brother, just reminding them how much they mean to me. I just did this last week and it is nice to know that some of my favorite people know that they’re so appreciated and special to me.

I also really love taking the time to call my Grandma and chat. This is something I don’t make enough of a priority even though I am so blessed to still have her around to be able to call.

If you have a grandparent that is still living and that you love, next time you have a rest day, call and check in on them. Grandparents are the best.

Spend some time outside

I can sit in the house for months and never need to step foot outside. I can hermit up in my home and be totally fine, but fresh air and sunshine are so important.

Even if you just sit outside to read your book or listen to your podcast, or just take a 15-minute walk down your street, getting some outdoor time is a great way to spend your reset day.

And there you have it. That is my ideal Sunday funday. Add in pizza with my Dad and my brother and it is truly the best day, ever.

How do you like to reset and rest? Let me know in the comments!

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