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‘Tis the season for festive everything, and that includes books! You can read my December TBR post HERE but I truly only was focused on Zodiac Academy this month and have barely moved on to my next book.

I am currently reading Lovelight Farms by B.K. Borison, so that is where we’ll start on this list.

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1. Lovelight Farms by B.K. Borison

I am only a couple chapters in, but these seem like it’s going to be a winner. It is getting rave reviews on Instagram from bookstagrammers, so I have high hopes. It seems to be a friends-to-lovers trope, which I personally prefer enemies to lovers, but a good friends to lovers is always a nice change of pace.

This author is very descriptive which I love. The more description you give me, the richer my mental imagery is, and, man, do I love that. This is just another reason I love Zodiac Academy so much.

The following books are books I have NOT read yet, but they are all currently downloaded in my KindleUnlimited queue because I have unrealistic expectations of my ability to read festive books before the 25th.

2. Faking Under the Mistletoe by Ashley Shepherd

I really hope I manage to read this book. This is another festive romantic comedy, and from the description on Amazon, it sounds like an absolute winner in my book. I love festive everything, so the MC sounds like someone I will be able to relate to because she is described as extremely festive. Trope-wise, I’m guessing from the description that we’ll have a grumpy/sunshine, coworker to lovers, but again, I have not read this yet so I can’t say for sure.

3. Christmas at Cozy Holly Inn (Pinecone Falls Book 1) by Meredith Summers

According the this Amazon description, these seems to have very typical Hallmark Christmas movie vibes. Small town, an Inn, a broken heart that needs healing, a party, etc. etc. But for me personally, I love a good Hallmark movie, so this sounds delightful to me.

4. Dipped in Holly by Dana Isaly

This book is circulating on bookstagram and getting good, spicy reviews. The Amazon description alone seems spicy, and we have another festive heartbreak story, but this one comes with a slutty Santa costume and a one-night stand with a “silver fox”. Also hoping I’m able to squeeze this in as well.

5. Dashing Through the Tropes: A 6-book Holiday Collection with Your Favorite Tropes by Kimberly Krey

The description is literally just the tropes you’ll find in this book, and they’re some good tropes, too.

Enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, secret billionaire, second chance, small-town romance, and forced proximity.

This is obviously a 6-in-one and is also only available on Kindle Unlimited.

6. Kiss the Girl by Melanie Jacobson

When I read this title, I immediately start hearing Sebastian singing, with visions of Eric and Ariel in that little boat. (Prince Eric, though. *swoon*)

This book is another romantic comedy and is, yet again, one that is showing up on bookstagram pages. I’d like to read this, but I don’t see it happening this year.

7. The Fake Santa Apology Tour: A Holiday Novella by Julie Olivia

This one is getting read regardless of whether I manage it before December is over or not. The idea of a girl having the hots for fake Santa’s cracks me up and I have to see how the author tells this particular story/very weird trope.

“I’m Birdie Mae, and let’s skip to the weird part of my story: Short-term relationships with good looking Santas are kind of my thing.” This is straight from the Amazon description and, seriously, I need to know what happens here.

8. Oh. What. Fun. by Chandler Baker

I don’t believe this has romance involved. It seems to be a story about a family coming home and there’s a secret involved that I need to know what it is. Thankfully this is labeled as a short story so I’m hoping to be able to burn through it this last week of December.

There you have it. Some festive KindleUnlimited book options to cozy up with during your downtime over the holidays.

What are you reading this week? Let me know in the comments! Bonus points if it’s festive.

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