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If you have read any of my recent book-related posts then you’re very familiar with the fact that I LOVE ZODIAC ACADEMY.

If you have not read this actual masterpiece yet, I am BEGGING you to do so. It’s filled with some of the best tropes (enemies to lovers is THE TROPE. You can’t tell me otherwise) and the story is phenomenal.

It is an (unfinished) series, which currently contains 6 books, the 7th being released in just a few short days, and a couple novellas. There will be 8 books total in this delicious series, according to the mastermind authors, and I can’t wait to devour the last two installments.

I will say, the awakening (book 1) was hard to get through for me. Full disclosure and total honesty, when I was reading the first book, I was like how could anyone say this is addicting? Because I originally found the series through a book group on Facebook where someone claimed it was a spicy Harry Potter-esque book for adults. But, MAN, looking back, book 1 is total perfection and absolutely necessary for this story to unfold so beautifully.

Zodiac Academy: The Awakening (book 1) is not very spicy, which I love some good spice, but I kept reading because I needed to know what happened. These authors are the queens of the cliffhanger. All this to be said, I AM MIND ALTERINGLY OBSESSED TO THE POINT OF IT BEING DISGUSTING. I love this series so much it physically hurts. By book 3, I was kicking doors down to get to my husband after certain scenes. By book 4, I was screaming, crying, and cursing the heartache that was being rained down upon me. By book 5, the character development was so freakin’ good I could barely even handle it. I wanted to crawl into the book and be best friends with all (okay, not all, but some) of the characters. Book 6 gutted me and stitched me back together, just to rip my heart out, while leaving me with so much hope to cling to.

It’s ridiculous, okay? Ridiculously amazing, though. PS. All of these books are included on KindleUnlimited. Grab your membership below and BE BLESSED with the magic.

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

I am getting sidetracked, because, while this post is mainly about Zodiac Academy, it is also about getting prepared for a book release. Specifically the next installment of a really good series book release. Specifically the next installment of Zodiac Academy. Zodiac Academy: Heartless Sky.

Tomorrow I will be trudging into Target and grabbing some essentials for the heartbreak I’m expecting. I’ve only read one “spoiler” that they’ve posted in the author’s Facebook group because I do tend to go into things fresh and spoiler-free, so I’m not really sure what to expect or if it’ll crush my soul, but I’m leaning towards it’ll probably crush my soul.

So, if you find yourself preparing for a great installment of your favorite series, here are the items I will be hunkering down with for this Saturday.

1. A babysitter so your child doesn’t intereupt your blissful reading

I know, I know. Not everyone has kids or needs to devote an obnoxious time to reading, but I do, so I have my child scheduled to go away for a sleepover. The book gets released at midnight and I. WILL. BE. READING!

I will be going to be extra early, setting a timer for 11:30pm, making myself a cup of tea, maybe some coffee, and I will be good to GO.

If you want to grab my Sweet Dreamin’ oils bundle, grab it HERE. (This is oils stuff, not book stuff. Just an FYI if you click that link it will take you to a different site.)

I also know this isn’t something to stock up on but it is something to prepare for because uninterrupted reading time is BLISSFUL and something any book-loving mother deserves.

2. Tissues to wipe away the tears that accompany your guttural sobs

I’m a crier. I’ve already cried a lot throughout the Zodiac Academy series, so I would be SHOCKED to find that I don’t shed some tears during the 7th installment of this beautifully painful series.

You could use your shirt sleeves if buying tissues isn’t your thing, but I’d rather be prepared with a big ol’ fluffy box of tissues.

3. Chocolate to soothe the holes in your soul caused by plot twists and cliffhangers

This is going to hurt. Have I mentioned that already? I really think this is going to hurt, but again, I truly have no clue what’s going to happen. Especially since I’ve avoided almost 100% of the spoilers available to me.

4. Your comfort beverage of choice to rehyrdate from all the tears cried and anxious sweating

I know most people reach for boozy beverages in emotional times, but for me personally, we don’t do that over here anymore. Alcohol makes my anxiety literally 500x worse, plus I need to be as crisp as a cucumber to make sure I’m retaining every single smidge of information this book is offering me.

Plus, staying hydrated is so important, especially in the winter. I notice a huge difference in my skin/complexion when I’m staying properly hydrated. I’m sure regular water is the superior hydration choice, but I like the fizz of the la Croix, plus if I’m going to be sulking, I deserve a treat in the form of my hydration.

I mean, feel free to booze it up, especially after our hearts get crushed if that’s your jam. I guess I should say “comfort beverage” as this item on the list.

5. Comfortable clothes for the uncomfrtable emotions

COMFORTABLE CLOTHES OR BUST. I would rather be naked than ever wear uncomfortable clothes ever gain.

Thankfully for all of us today, comfortable is in style. Leggings are in, oversized shirts are in, waffle-knit is in…if only this could stay forever.

I am also a firm lover of all things black, so I’m imagining I will be wearing my black, oversized sweatshirt from Aerie and probably my Aerie Offline leggings. These leggings are ACTUALLY the greatest thing that has ever graced my body. It’s like a second skin, but more comfortable. They are the softest, most well-made leggings I’ve personally ever worn, and as a self-proclaimed legging connoisseur, I think my advice is pretty grand on the subject.

Leggings ARE pants and you cannot tell me otherwise.

6. Kindle with popsocket so when you crumble to the floor in a heap of dispair, you don’t lose hold of your “book”

Soooooo, I love a good book to hold, but I’m more of a Kindle fan these days, more so than I ever thought I’d be. I love my Kindle and KindleUnlimited so much it’s insane. (You can read more about my Kindle love affair HERE)

Between my Kindle (the actual Kindle, but also the app on my phone) and KindleUnlimited, I give them all the credit for why I am able to read so much these days.

I am also not an actual book thrower. I’m more of a book slammer-downer or a cry all over the pages kind of girl. So, if you’re also not a book thrower, a kindle is a great option for reading. Plus, it makes reading at night so glorious. I can just keep the lights off, turn the kindle off, rollover, and go to sleep when I’ve had enough. Call me lazy, but this is a huge perk for me.

I am firmly a pop socket fanatic. I really have no clue how anyone holds their phone or Kindle without one. It has forever changed my life and I am eternally grateful to whoever created this beautiful contraption.

Ugh, okay. So, here is my suggestions for how I’m preparing myself for the next installment of the greatest series I’ve read in a very long time.

Please, if all you get out of this is downloading the Kindle app on your phone and reading this glorious books, I will be thrilled with the outcome of this blog post.

Hope you’re having the best day, ever, and if you’ve ever had a series grip your soul like Zodiac Academy has for me, I’d love to hear about it in the comments! If you’re convincing enough, I’ll be adding it to my TBR.

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