What I’m Reading in December: TBR

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I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR DECEMBER SINCE AUGUST! This is the month of the next installment of Zodiac Academy and FRIENDS! I could not be more excited!

I burned through the first 6 books on KindleUnlimited in two weeks and almost immediately started my reread. THIS IS UNHEARD OF FOR ME. I never reread a series. Especially not immediately after reading it. But this series, this world, these authors, the characters. GUYS! I am so hooked it’s pathetic.

If you haven’t read Zodiac Academy, please do. PLEASE DO. I’m literally begging every human in the world to read the best series EVER.

Now, I have spoken with a person or two who haven’t loved this series. (I’m shook over that fact, by the way) So I understand that it is not for everyone, but SERIOUSLY, for the first two months after I finished it, I couldn’t talk, think, breathe, NOTHING ELSE.

My husband said “Maybe I’ll dress up as *INSERT MYTHICAL CREATURE WHO MY FICTIONAL BOYFRIEND TURNS INTO BUT I CAN’T SAY BECAUSE IT’S A MILD SPOILER HERE* and I said “Don’t you DARE taint this beautiful image for me”

The obsession is real. Real ridiculous.

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

I want to live in Solaria. I want to be awakened. I want to fight other fae for my place in Solaria. I WANT TO TOUCH A SPECIFIC FAE. This series ruined my life. But I’m telling you, you should read it. It’s so good.

Anyway, onto my December TBR. We’re already 6 days into December, so I’ve already read a book, but truly my only thought is Zodiac Academy.

I’ve already read the Savage and the Swan which was a good read. An interesting world with fae, magic, and all that good fantasy novel stuff. A stand alone so everything is resolved in one book, which sometimes means it ends too quickly and easily for my liking, but this book was good and felt complete when it was over.

Truly, all I care about reading this month is Zodiac Academy. I’m slowly picking my way through Cursed Fates, then will be moving onto Fated Throne, and then will be primed and waiting to start reading at midnight when they release Heartless Sky.

December is my favorite month of the year, though. I live for Christmas, all things festive, all things holiday. My veins are colored Christmas lights and my heart beats to the tune of Christmas music all year round, so I do have some festive options on my TBR in the off chance Zodiac Academy doesn’t consume my whole month.

Kiss the Girl by Melanie Jacobson

This is described as “two friends who get caught in their own fake dating trap” which I am a very mild, maybe luke warm, fan of the fake dating trope. When done right, it can be quite swoon-worthy, so I’ll be interested to see if I love this or not.

Small town Christmas Rom-Com…..you can’t really go wrong here.

Lovelight Farms by B.K. Borison

Another Christmas rom-com. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy. I have been known to be quite the Hallmark Christmas movie connoisseur, so it should be no surprise that Christmasy love books spark my interest.

This book, from the description, seems like its going to catch me in the feels. It says about a dilapidated tree farm and for some reason, I just like the sounds of this book. Small town Christmas books for everyone!

The Fake Santa Apology Tour by Julie Olivia

I came across this book on Instagram and it sounds weird, which I like weird, so I’m interested to see what it’s about. It’s also less than 200 pages, which is a very light read for me.

Apparently, the main character has a Santa fetish which is so weird and I cannot wait to see how the author writes this story.

oh. what. fun. by Chandler Baker

This book seems like it’s going to be a heartwarming story and I really cannot wait. It doesn’t say how many pages this is in the kindle description, but the cover does say short story, so I’m going to go ahead and assume it’ll be another quick and easy read.

Per the description, this is a book about siblings returning to their childhood home and I can’t wait to see what happens.

I posted these Christmas books first, but they will not be read first. Or, possibly, not at all.


Zodiac Academy: Cursed Fates

50% through my reread of cursed fates. The character development in this particular book of the series is TO DIE FOR!

Zodiac Academy: Fated Throne

I am actually so very excited to reread this book before Heartless Sky releases. This book is intense and I definitely need this reread for my own comprehension of the story. The ending of this particular book was so happy, so sad, so exciting and so painful all wrapped up in one.

I’m telling you, these authors are AMAZING.

Zodiac Academy: Heartless Sky

The main event. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about something since the birth of my son and all his milestone in his beautiful life. Besides my son, nothing tops the PURE JOY this series brings me. (Also a lot of pain. Like…..I’ve cried….a lot)

I have no idea what is going to happen. I have things I really hope happen and that I really hope DON’T happen. There are some teasers in the author’s Facebook group, but so far I’ve avoided all but one.

There is my December TBR.

What are you reading this month? Let me know in the comments!

AND if you’re reading any Zodiac Academy books this month, PLEASE TELL ME. It’s all I really care to discuss these days lol

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