What I read in November

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November flew by in the blink of an eye, I swear. I seriously feel like I was just taking my son trick or treating and now I’m hiding my dang elf every night.

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That being said, I got a lot of reading done. Definitely not my most aggressive reading month, but still a lot of books read. I read most of books on KindleUnlimited. New subscribers can get their first 3 months for .99. Click the link above to check it out.

You can read my post on what I was planning on reading HERE so I’m not going into wild detail, we’ll just do some quick reviews.

Broken Fae and Warrior Fae

I love Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti so much it hurts. These sisters are just geniuses and I don’t know how they do it. This is a 5 book series if I’m remembering correctly, and for me personally, it started out a little slow but ended up being a very worthwhile read.

I am a HUGE fan of their Zodiac Academy series and I was LIVING for the character crossovers here. It is also set a handful of years prior to when the Zodiac Academy series takes place, so it helped me understand some things that happen in ZA that I didn’t realize I could get more information about. (GIMME ALL THE INFO ABOUT SOLARIA.)

Start with this series and then go onto Zodiac Academy. But DEFINITELY get to Zodiac Academy because it is EVERYTHING.

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Vampire Slaying

I LOVED THIS BOOK. It wasn’t very scary or suspenseful but, MAN is it good. I loved the relationships and the storyline. It’s so weird and creepy and heartwarming all in the same book.

I think the relationship of the book club is the star of the show. I’m not big on spoilers, so I won’t be saying too much more, besides I loved this book and I would 100% recommend it.

This book was also carried over from October. So not a total November read.

The Rules of Magic

I loved this book so much. It was slow and steady. No suspense or anything crazy happening but the story itself is beautiful. I loved the character development, the family bond, the mystery, and the coziness of the magic throughout.

The Tourist Attraction

CUTE. This book is a great palate cleanser if you’re coming out of a more intense book (Like ZA or RB) It is said to be a grumpy man love interest, but after reading about the intense grumps of Solaria, it was kind of laughable because the “grump” in the tourist attraction is actually one of the sweetest characters I’ve read in a little while.

That being said, I loved this book. It was so cute and cozy, fast-paced, and very easy to read. I’m not a huge fan of quick-to-fall-in-love books, but I guess that is kind of a must with stand alones.

Actually, this is a part of a series, but I personally won’t be venturing into the next books anytime soon. I loved these characters and enjoyed this book, but just want to leave it at that.

I read a whopping five books in November, which I am pleased about. Moving onto December, I have one thing on the brain and that is Zodiac Academy: Heartless Sky. As soon as I hit publish on this post, I’m moving on to my December TBR post which will basically be a Zodiac Academy/heartless sky love fest.

Did you read anything good in November? Let me know in the comments!

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