Gift Guide for the Anxious Friend

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“It’s time to trade in my regular anxiety, for my festive anxiety” Word.

‘Tis the season of festive events causing festive anxiety. Fa la la la laaaaaaa!

I truly love the holidays. My veins are actually colored Christmas lights and I haven’t met a Christmas song I don’t love, BUT, I do have anxiety and I do hate certain parts of the holiday season. Mainly large functions with lots of people.

I actually didn’t know I had anxiety until a couple years ago, so for my whole life, I just was out here assuming I was a crotchety bitch who hated people. Not the case. I love people, I hate overwhelming situations.

Another thing I love is making gift guides. One of my love languages is actually gifts, so it is true joy sparking for me to make these. If you don’t know your love languages, I highly suggest taking the free quiz. It’s a very beneficial tool for self-love and personal development.

When choosing these things, I was kind of thinking of things that would be beneficial when out and about, because that is personally when my anxiety is the worst. I could hole up in my own house forever, never leave, and truly be fine. But there are a couple things, like a weighted blanket, that obviously is for decompressing at home.

Essential Oils

Get your In Your Feelings Bundle HERE

Not all essential oils are created equally. If you choose to use another brand of oils, that is so fine and to each their own, but I only ever recommend and use Young Living.

I discovered essential oils in the early days of my postpartum journey, and they became a huge part of my recovery and, still to this day, are a major part of my daily routine. You can google aromatherapy and do your own research, because it tends to be a touchy subject for some people, but the bundle in the link above contains a couple of my favorite products.

Valor roll-on – liquid courage. I love to keep valor with me at all times and the roll-on is perfect for keeping in your purse, bookbag, or diaperbag.

Stress away – smells like vacation in a bottle and is amazing on your wrists. Always dilute oils when starting out.

Peace and Calming – this oil is one I’m not sure how anyone lives without. It smells so amazing and is the perfect oil to diffuse, apply to your wrists or add to Epsom salt for the bath. Again, make sure to dilute if needed.

Lavender lip balm – I chew on my lips when anxious, so I try to keep a lip balm on when out in public, especially. It (sometimes) helps to curb the habit. This balm also includes lavender which is amazing in its own sense.

Lavender bath bombs – water is so relaxing and therapeutic, in my opinion. I love taking baths and using oils or bath bombs, and these are some of my favorites to use when I feel like grabbing a book and taking a bath.

Thieves Mints – Mints or gum are something I like to keep with me when going out. It also is something that helps to keep me from chewing on my lips when anxious.

Affirmation Cards

POSITIVE SELF-TALK IS THE MOVE! Let’s all be our own hype-men forever!

I have personally struggled with negative self-talk, bullying, and poor self-image for most of my life. When I stumbled upon affirmation cards, I was immediately drawn to the idea.

Find my Affirmations Pinterest board HERE

There are so many great affirmations available on Pinterest. Write some on your bathroom mirror, print some out, and hang them throughout your home, make one your phone screensaver. Whatever way you can get these in your line of vision and into your brain, DO IT!

There are also a ton of options to buy packs of affirmation cards online, either on Etsy or Amazon. Below is my amazon pick, specifically marked for us anxious friends.

Fidget toys

Toys? For adults? YES! Toys for adults!

Okay, so if you read my post on signs of anxiety (you can find it HERE) you may remember that something I struggled with is repetitive movement. The idea of fidget toys or items is to channel that nervous energy into something other than, say, tapping your leg or chewing your lips. Two of my personal habits.

This is a textured strip to place on your phone case, which I think is amazing. I’m going to be ordering one of these when I get a new phone case.

I am a grown-ass woman who loves these pop-it things. You can strap one of these on your keys, your purse, toss one in your car, literally anywhere. And it’s a nice, mindless thing to use when you need a little stimulation.

Water bottle

This is my personal wish-list water bottle. It’s huge, which is what I want, and I also want to get the straw lid for it. It is 64oz, stainless steel and I have beautiful visions of covering it with the most amazing stickers that I can find on Etsy. Have you ever browsed stickers on Etsy? It’s amazing.


I’m no expert, but I’m not going to link crystals from amazon for you. Google a local shop or check Etsy for some great crystals.

I got some at a shop in Salem a couple years ago, and then recently two local-to-me shops. I seem to be drawn to amethyst and rose quartz, which supposedly is on point for an anxious person, but, again, I’m no expert. Definitely try to find a local shop with a knowledgeable staff.

I love my crystals, though, and would personally be thrilled if someone gifted me a ginormous chunk of amethyst.

Weighted blanket

When I am anxious, the idea of being touched by another human is enough to send me over the edge of almost anxiety attack to anxiety attack.

The idea of hiding under blankets, though, that is like an actual dream coming true during my anxious times.

Weight blankets are amazing creations. I don’t know about you, but when I’m anxious, I feel flighty, jittery, just on edge. The gentle weight provided by a weighted blanket can be very soothing and relaxing, especially when you’re feeling a little stressed.

So there it is. A gift guide for your anxious friend, or some ideas if the anxious person you’re shopping for is yourself.

Do you have any other ideas for gifts for those of us with anxiety? Let me know in the comments section!

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