How I track my reading: App & Journal recs

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If you read a lot of books, first of all, heyyyyyy, you’re my kinda person. Tell me what you’re currently reading and if I should add it to my TBR. Second of all, and maybe it’s just me, but I like to keep track of what I read. In this post, I’m going to talk about how I keep track of the books I read. I actually use 3 apps and a physical journal. I’m also very open and considering making a digital book tracking journal for my GoodNotes app, which I love for note-taking, blog planning, monthly calendars, etc. So, we’ll see.

Kindle App

I read a lot of books on my kindle and kindle app, which get integrated right into my GoodReads app. I also read a lot of children’s books to my son on there, which I might attempt to not do in 2022 so I can solely track my own reads.

The Kindle app tracks books in its own way. It also shows you how many weeks and days you’ve read, and if you read multiple days in a row, it shows you your streak. Pictured below

I love the Kindle app so much. It is the main reason I’m able to read so much these days. It is so convenient to be able to click it open and read a chapter whenever I find myself with a free moment. I love to do this instead of scrolling social media. I also am very motivated by the daily streak, if we’re being honest. Which we are, always and forever.


As far as GoodReads go, it doesn’t appeal to me besides the fact that it automatically gets my kindle book stats. I like that for whatever reason, but I rarely open the app itself and browse it. I do like that it has reading challenges (the kindle app does also) and that it has a section to slot books that I’d like to read. I really do like that part a lot, actually, though I rarely look at it.

Here’s a snapshot of what the app looks like.

It has a section that collects your kindle highlights and notes, as well. Again, a nice feature.

You can add friends from Facebook, see their challenges, there’s a place to join groups which I haven’t ventured yet.

I always like a good book rec, so I do like that it offers those. Zodiac Academy is EVERYTHING. A must-read.

Overall, I’d say the app is basic but I still keep it because I like book tracking.


This is a brand-new-to-me app. I am excited to use it with the promise of beautiful graphs depicting my glorious reading habits and trends. I transferred my GoodReads data to StoryGraph, it took overnight for it to upload, and I looked at the app this morning and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.

The graphs are a beautiful genius work of art that I love to look at and see all my stats so beautifully displayed. It is a dream. Gorgeous, genius, amazing. I’m so excited to skip reading my son’s kindle books next year so I can see all my own stats on these graphs.

I can barely put into words how much I love these graphs and this app. Now, like I said, it’s still a very new-to-me app, but from looks alone, I’M A FAN!

So far, the ease of use is wonderful. I can add books, remove books, make them as DNF, etc. I really love this app so far, but I’ll be sure to make any update if that changes.

They also provided a little survey where you answer some questions and put in keywords so they can suggest books! GIMME ALL THE ENEMIES TO LOVERS TROPE.

Journal Tracker

Is this considered “old school”? A journal to track your favorite or current reads using regular ol’ pen and paper.

I actually stumbled upon the idea of low-content books and have published a handful of book journals. I love designing things on the Canva app, so I decided to make some books, and it is actually so fun. I love it and can’t wait to sit down and create some more low-content books. Read the blog post which inspired the new hobby HERE.

The following books are ones I’ve created! Four of my favorites anyway…..

I’m a little biased since I made it, but I think it’s so cute! My favorite one is definitely the little black book of fictional boyfriends, but I don’t strictly read romance, so I didn’t get that one for myself.

Here’s what the inside looks like.

The following is NOT my creation, just in case you wanted to see a different option.

There are also some options on Etsy, including physical books, printable pages, and digital journals, as well.

Do you log your reading? Do you prefer digital or physical tracking? Let me know in the comments!

I am most excited about the StoryGraph app. It is just so visually appealing to me, I cannot wait to track all of 2022’s reading in there.

Happy reading, friends! And happy book tracking!

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