12 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

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I know it’s October, but the Pistol Annie’s dropped a holiday album and now I’m ready to write gift guides. So cozy up, grab some coffee, turn on Hell of a Holiday on Spotify, and let’s kick off the Holiday season with a book lover’s gift guide!

Reading has been a favorite hobby of mine for as long as I can remember, besides taking a few years off to be reckless in my early 20’s. I remember reading the Olsen twin mystery series until all hours of the night, which maybe that’s where my love for suspense and mystery started LOL

Another thing I’ve always loved is making lists. I used to email my Dad so many lists he was probably tempted to block me. Add Christmas to the mix, and this post is bound to be one of my favorite I’ve written yet! Plus, it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping!

I am full-blown back into my book obsession, mostly thanks to getting my mental health in order, finding healthy coping mechanisms, and a perfectly timed KindleUnlimited free trial (get your own free trial….it’s really amazing Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans )

Read my post on A Year of Self Care Reading (Personal development book recs) HERE

1. Novel Teas

The cutest tea bag, perfect for any book lover. I am putting these on my own Christmas list this year! I want to start drinking more tea over my all-day coffee love affair, but UGHHHH do I love coffee. Like, straight up Lorelai Gilmore style love coffee.

This bag contains 25 teabags that have literary quotes on the tags, and the tea is an English Breakfast tea. I’m envisioning a rainy afternoon, a cozy blanket (coming shortly on this list, of course) a good book, and a cup of tea. The perfect day.

2. Kindle Paperwhite

I was firmly team No E-Reader EVER for a long time. You can read a little bit about how I ended up with a kindle HERE, but basically, I didn’t want to store books anymore because I hadn’t really been reading much. We can all laugh over that another day because now I have a full kindle and also stacks of books to read.

If the book lover you’re shopping for hasn’t branched out into the glorious world of e-readers yet, a kindle is an amazing gift. Not only is it beautiful to read from, but the size of it is also so convenient, there can literally be thousands of books at your fingertips anywhere you can get wifi, and it is just so amazing. I could gush over my kindle for paragraphs. Plus, it comes with a free trial of KindleUnlimited which changed my life for the better, truly and thoroughly hahaha and, actually, KindleUnlimited is how I discovered my FAVORITE book series that currently consumes my brain 24/7, so I will be forever grateful for such a fantastic service.

3. Pop socket

For the kindle…..because pop sockets are life-changing. As life-changing as kindles and KindleUnlimited subscriptions. That being said, I don’t really have much more to say on them than that. They’re pretty self-explanatory, but they seriously make holding phones and kindles more comfortable, especially when laying in bed.

4. Book Tracker

I MADE THESE, OKAY. I love them and I love creating the covers. There are so many options on Amazon and Etsy, though, so there is literally an option for anyone’s personal taste.

Inside is a spot to write the title, author, genre, add a rating, favorite character, and more. It has 100 pages and is a 6×9 paperback journal. It’s wonderful and I love it, but maybe I’m biased.

5. Bookish Candle

Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3 / Option 4

I’m not a candle girl, personally. I prefer a diffuser and oils, which you can grab HERE, but with so many book-related candles, I couldn’t skip them on this list. I do really want that beeswax candle, though…..

Etsy has so many amazing bookish candle options, with amazing scent combos, and you’re also supporting a small shop for the holidays! I love Etsy so much.

6. Magnetic Poetry Kit – Book Lover

This has gag gift vibes but is actually pretty amazing. It has over 200-word magnets to create your own fridge novels. So fun. The shop also has a bunch of other options if you’re shopping for a non-book lover who might like some fridge word fun.

7. Book-Themed Mug

Option 1 / Option 2

I LOVE MUGS. I love mugs so much, I can’t even explain how much joy a fresh mug sparks. When I lived with my Dad, every time I bought a new cup or mug, I had to remove TWO from the cabinet. He hated my cup/mug obsession. Now that I own my own home, I kind of understand why. I don’t buy mugs anymore, which pains me, but I just don’t have the room for a new one every time I leave the house.

These book mugs, though, I want every one of them. I have a beautiful book-themed mug from when I visited Nora Roberts bed and breakfast, Inn Boonsboro. I’m going to go dig it out of the box in the garage after I finish this blog post and drink my coffee out of it tomorrow morning. I got two mugs on that trip. It was amazing.

This would also be great paired with option 1 or a festive bag of coffee.

8. Bookmark

This little T-Rex bookmark is hysterical! I love him, I need him, he’s the perfect Christmas gift for the book lover in your life.

I don’t know about you, or the book reader you’re shopping for, but I am always scrounging for a bookmark. I’ve used (clean) napkins, candy wrappers, a piece of junk mail, you get the picture.

If this perfect little dino isn’t your jam, Amazon and Etsy are full of great options! Etsy has a bookmark that doubles as a book tracker AND THEN you plant it. How amazing is that? Find it HERE.

9. A Sit-Up Pillow

This might just be me who wants one of these, I can’t be sure. I think this would be amazing for reading in bed (or writing blog posts…) and this specific one is so beautiful in its delightful gray color and it looks so plush and comfy, I just love it.

10. A Comfy

We’re at the part where I’m talking about cozy, cuddly things to make the reading experience even more delicious. Let’s set the scene again.

A crisp Sunday morning, a hot cup of coffee with your favorite creamer, snuggled back into bed with your sit-up bed pillow, wrapped in your comfy (wearable, hooded blanket) BLISSFUL, friends. BLISSFUL. This is a comfort-loving, book reader’s dream gift. (or maybe just mine)

11. A blanket

If you don’t think a hooded, wearable blanket is what your friend wants, a regular blanket will do just fine. Or maybe a comfy AND a cozy blanket is what they’re after! Is there such thing as too many blankets? I’d say no. A comfy blanket

12. Invisible Floating Bookshelves

At this point, I realize I just created my own Christmas list for the internet, but here we are.

The thing about books, unless you’re strictly a kindle reader, is that you have to put them somewhere. These shelves are AMAZING. They can easily be put into a bedroom, added to living room decor, or would be a great addition to a home office or game room. I personally want them for my bedroom, which is where I keep most of my books.

What a list! I loved writing this gift guide so much, mainly because I want every item on it. If you have any suggestions to add to this book lovers gift guide, let me know in the comments! I’d love to add more items to my own Christmas list (LOL)

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