11 Gift ideas for your toddler

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Christmas lists, or shopping lists in general, have always been something I enjoy. So it doesn’t surprise me that this is my second year creating “gift guides” for the blog.

My son will be 3 by the time Christmas Day arrives, and this year is probably the funnest it’s been to shop for him. I compiled a little list of ideas I have for him.

I am not buying him all these things, just including all my thoughts in case it’ll help anyone out.

If you have any ideas that I might have missed, let me know in the comments!

1. A wooden slingshot with wool balls – $15.50

Photo from handcraftedbuffalo‘s Etsy shop

HOW CUTE IS THIS?! I know I’ll be miserable if this once I get pelted with one of the balls, or the dog tries to eat one, but it’s such a cute idea and great for hand eye coordination. Plus, I love all the colors! It’s also very reasonably priced and I love nonplastic items!

This item is no longer available, but if you search  sling shots on Etsy, similar options come up

2. Wooden Initial coin bank – $49.95

Again, how adorable! My son is obsessed with “coins” and this is such a cute coin bank for a little guy or girl. You can even add their name to it if you’d like! This is such a great gift that is also an item they can keep forever.

Coin Bank

3. A wooden balance board – $69.99

There are also a bunch of options available on Etsy if Amazon isn’t your jam. But I love this! This curved piece of wood actually is such a versatile “toy” to have for your kiddos and is a great way to encourage activity and movement, especially in the winter months.

4. Bouncy Ride-on Animal – $25

Again, another great way to be active indoors even in the wintertime. My friend has one of these at her house, so I already knows my son enjoys this particular toy.

There are also soooo many different options besides just a brown horse. They have a super cute shark, a unicorn, bulls, etc.

5. Toddler Safe Scissors – $

Motor skills and a screen-free activity! I usually have a decent amount of scraps from getting my own mail ready for my downline, so I plan to give him mostly that kind of stuff to snip away.

6. Scissor skills and tape skills books

Okay, so for moments I’m feeling a little extra, these will be fun to have when I don’t have scraps for him.

7. Melissa and Doug cleaning set – $20

My son LOVES to help sweep the floor and I’m not complaining! But here he can have his own, cute little set instead of toting mine around. (Which he’ll probably still want to do anyway)

8. Dot markers

Such a fun screen-free activity. My son loves colors and I like the activity books that are out there for these dot markers

9. Dot Marker Books

Blippi. My son LOVES Blippi a painful amount hahah. But there are a ton of great blippi coloring books on Amazon, including this dot marker book!

A couple other options if blippi isn’t your kiddos jam. All three of these are on the list for my son this year

10. Car mat with trucks

I also blame blippi for the obsession with backhoes and excavators, but this is on my sons list this year.

11. Play kitchen

Love choosing wooden options as often as I can and this cute kitchen is what play set dreams are made of! Can’t wait to see what gets whipped up in “the kitchen”.

So, there you have it. 11 ideas for the toddler in your life! I feel like this is a very gender neutral list, but I personally hate labeling toys as boy or girl this or that.

Boys can cook and clean and girls drive cars and use power tools.

What’s on your kids Christmas list this year? Let me know in the comments section.

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