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6 Halloween books to read to your toddler


Post contains affiliate links in which I make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Also, this is not a sponsored post. The opinions are 100% mine and I was not paid to write them.

When kindles and other ereaders came on the scene, I was like NOPE! Never! I love the heft of a book, the turn of the page & coziness of reading a real book.

Fast forward to today and I am the complete opposite. I love, love, LOVE my kindle and my kindle app on my phone! But what I really want to talk about in this post is Kindle Unlimited!

I started out with the free trial of Kindle Unlimited when first getting my kindle and I’ve never looked back! I’ll write up a post on the details of that another day, but today I want to chat Fall and Halloween books for your kiddos!

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans
Try Kindle Unlimited and get your first month free. All books mentioned are included in Kindle Unlimited, but I’ll add links to buy the books if that’s your preference.

The kindle app on my phone is a life saver at bedtime. Lights are off, blankets are on, diffuser is diffusing, sound machine is raining & my phone screen is providing all the reading material!

We read 1-3 books at bedtime and they’re all from kindle unlimited! It just makes it so seamless and easy. The lights being off and not having to shuffle around the room for books is a game changer for me. I don’t know about your kids, but any sudden movement and my son will be jumping on the bed or sprinting around the room, so being able to swipe and tap for the next read, without welcoming an intermission, is a win in my book.

Now, onto the book recommendations! The good stuff! These are all included on Kindle Unlimited as of today! (10/25/2020) I’m unsure of the inner workings of the rotations of books but I’ll do some research on that.

1. Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell

Pumpkin Jack

This is a really wonderful read! It is probably my favorite that we’ve cycled through and my son has requested it multiple times now. It goes through the life cycle of the pumpkin, with a festive flair, and is just a warm your heart kind of book.

Short enough to not bore anyone, long enough for a bedtime story and a hint of education. A must for your week of Halloween reading list!

2. That Monster on the Block by Sue Ganz-Schmitt

That Monster on the Block

This isn’t necessarily a Halloween book, but monsters and Halloween go hand in hand. It’s a really cute story about monsters who get a new neighbor, with a really great message about inclusion and not to judge a book by its cover.

3. When the clock strikes on Halloween by Lisa Ferland

When the Clock Strikes on Halloween

Very, very short and quick read. For us personally, it’s one to have on a night you read 3 or 4 because it’s short and easy, but it’s definitely cute and my son chuckled throughout the story.

4. At the Old Haunted House by Helen Ketteman

At the Old Haunted House

This one is SO cute! Little kid-friendly spooky with a side of counting. The illustrations are wonderfully done and it’s just such a cute book to read this coming week!

5. A Silly Milly Fall – by Sheri Wall

A Silly Milly Fall: Halloween and Thanksgiving with a Really Big Dog! (The Silly Milly the Dane Collection)

SOOOO cute. I love dogs, my son loves dogs, who doesn’t love dogs?! This is the cutest Great Dane who takes you through Halloween and Thanksgiving. A delightful, easy read that is perfect for this week! Especially because we’re obviously at the end of October and it touches on what we’re heading into for November! So fun.

6. The Witches Cat by Sonica Ellis

The Witch’s Cat

This book is SO sweet. It’s not directly Halloween related, but it’s a witches cat, sooo….it makes the list.

It’s a great little mini lesson on being yourself and having some confidence. I love Pepper. I’m not a cat person, but it makes me want a little black cat named Pepper.

There are so many great options available on Kindle Unlimited that I didn’t stick in this post! And the great thing about reading bedtime stories on your kindle app is if you need a new one quick, simply click and it downloads in seconds!

Also, I just want to add that I am not advocating for 100% digital books. There will always be magic in between the pages of the real deal and there are great memories to be had reading from real pages.

BUT….this is my current favorite easy button at bedtime and I hope someone else finds this helpful.

Download the free app! (all I know is iPhone)

Or grab yourself a kindle!

If you have kindle unlimited, let me know your favorite books you’ve read!

If you don’t have kindle unlimited, let me know your favorite books you’ve read! Ha! I love them all.

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