The best chocolate chip cookies

Let’s set the scene, shall we? To skip my rambling and head to the recipe, click here!

We’re sitting around Monica’s round kitchen table, the smell of countless cookies fills the air & everyone’s feeling a little bloated. Maybe a little gassy if milk does you dirty like that. (There’s an oil for that, btw)

Wrong episode, season, all the things. I know. There wasn’t a readily available gif from the episode in mention

Ross just got back from the bathroom after almost vomiting from a less than thrilling batch of cookies. (He used some digize while he was in there, too)

Again, I know

Finally, we all realize that Phoebes grandmas recipe was on the bag of chocolate chips the whole time. Monica starts feverishly cleaning all her baking dishes, Ross runs to the store and grabs a package of the break and bake nestle tollhouse cookies (were those a thing at this point?) and Phoebe heads home to have a better chat with her dead Grandma.

Have no fear, though! I have found the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. I have made it at least a dozen times and every time it’s amazing.

You’ll definitely be the mom who makes the best chocolate chip cookies. Or dad, grandparent, neighbor, friend, spouse, gremlin, alien, yeti, accountant…..whatever you are. Your cookies will be the best.

Recipe can be found Here

I’m not going to type all the details out. They do a spectacular job of explaining their cookie to you.

I will say, I use melted butter & sometimes swap vanilla for maple syrup. YUM. I’ve also used whole wheat flower and it was also fine. Very minimally changed the texture of the cookie.

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