Chandler’s ring toss bagels

If you want to skip my shenanigans, you can find the bagel recipe used HERE

Remember when Joey is avoiding Rachel, and when she shows up at Monica and Chandler’s apartment, he drops a bagel on the floor as he’s running to hide?

Then Rachel asks if they were playing a naked bagel ring toss LOL

I’ve made these bagels three times now, and every time I’m shaping them and punching out the hole in the middle, all I hear is Joey saying “I don’t know, it’s kind of small” hahaha

Now, these bagels are sourdough bagels, which are AMAZING. Soooooo, if you don’t have a sourdough starter, I don’t know how to tell you to do this differently, but I’ll link the original blog post where I found my recipe!

These bagels are SO. DANG. GOOD.

My husband is a mega fan. Like, wants them weekly kind of fan. And they’re really not that hard to make, just slightly time consuming.

I made everything bagels & cheddar cheese bagels the first time. So. GOOD.

The second time, I caramelized onions & chopped bacon to make these super boujee bagels. Ya know, something I feel Monica would’ve totally made. I added cheddar cheese to these, too. I thought they were kind of a flop. They were a little gooey and not very pretty. My husband, though, LOVED them. Like, loved them hard.

Third time. Just plain bagels and some cheddar cheese topped ones. I’m sick of making bagels at this point, but my husband keeps asking for them.

Here are some photos of the bagel making process, just because.

My favorite step is watching the dough hook and I have no idea why. It’s so satisfying to watch, especially once it’s all combined.

Ahhhhhhh, the dough hook. Just doing it’s dough hookin’ thing. Look at you go. Fulfilling your life’s duty. Kneading that dough into the perfect bagel dough consistency. Proud of you, you overachieving dough hook, you.

I also love the splash of olive oil, twist the dough to coat, ordeal. I like to pretend I’m a bagel shop owner or something official like that. Taking my daily bagel dough prep very seriously.

Covered, resting, rising.

HELLO PRETTY, FLUFFY DOUGH BALL. See my pretty utensil crock? Look familiar to anyone?

Shape and boil!

When I made the onion/bacon ones, they sank. I just boiled them till they popped to the top and that worked well.

Takin’ a little hot tub dip before hittin’ the tanning beds. Do you think they’ll count Mississippilessly? Or will they end up an 8?

Egg washed & some got cheese

Stephanie’s Bagel Shop ad photo. What do you think?

Again, find the recipe HERE and let me know if you make these!

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