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Friends NYC pop-up


The Friends Pop-up in New York City was, without a doubt, an amazing trip that I am so blessed to have been able to experience.

For anyone who went, or anyone who didn’t have the chance, or maybe didn’t even know it was a thing, I’m writing this post to share this great day with you.

In case you’re just reading my blog for the first time, let me introduce myself. My name is Stephanie. I am a 27 year old, life long friends fan, due to it being my mothers favorite show.

With 2019 being its 25th anniversary, and the popularity its received from Netflix, I have just been LIVING for all the Friends merchandise, memorabilia and experiences that 2019 brought us.

I am born and raised in Pennsylvania, but always dreamed about an apartment in New York, filled with friends and late night Chinese food straight out of the containers.

After being to New York, I can confidently tell you, that is not the life for me. But I’ll still enjoy the cozy fantasy of it every now and then.

So, now you’ll journey with me down memory lane, and the day I got to breathe life into that friends fantasy for just a moment.

New York is amazing, though. I can’t wait to go back to visit.

Before we get started, I went on this trip with my dad and my brother, both who are not fans of social media exposure. I’ll be blurring them or leaving them out as much as possible, just out of respect of their privacy.

We took the train to New York, which I am SO glad we did. After seeing how people drive in New York, I would’ve had a heart attack. We did a lot of walking and it is BANANAS how people just walk out into the street. We did a lot of following the crowd.

I’m going to keep this strictly pop-up, but give a brief overview of our day because our ticket time was at 4:00 pm.

We went on a boat tour, which was AMAZING. It was my dads idea and I’m so mad it wasn’t mine. It was much more entertaining, emotional and exciting than I imagined. I selfied with the Statue of Liberty. It was great.

The buildings are huge. I mean, you see photos, you know they’re going to be huge, but they’re really freakin huge.

We stopped for lunch and the first place we stumbled upon (we were lost, sick of walking and starving.) It was a pretty expensive burger, but what do you expect in New York?

They had paper straws, though. Loved that.


Ahhhh, my friends.

My dad was a last minute addition, so we didn’t have a ticket for him. He decided he didn’t want how (grown, adult) children wondering around New York without him. And I’m so glad he came along.

But since he didn’t have a ticket, we assumed he wouldn’t be able to come in. WRONG. They had a standby line that they stuck us in. It was for people without tickets, and as someone didn’t show and they had space, they’d send you in.

I’m getting emotional. This was so amazing.

This wall was amazing and I wish I could’ve got a picture of the whole thing.

Our first photo op!!! They took this photo and emailed it to you.

Inside was so much memorabilia, photos, quotes and TVs (obviously) playing friends.

The photo ops were definitely my favorite part

Okay, maybe the memorabilia was my favorite part

I loved seeing all the items from different episodes.

They also had outfits and areas dedicated to each character.

I just realized I didn’t get photos of Phoebe or Joey and now I’m second guessing if I saw everything.

You ended your tour in central perk.

You could buy coffee and a random assortment of treats themed from the show.

And we all for free travel mugs!

“Money for Joey’s headshots”

Coffee in Central Perk. What a dream come true.

How cute is this travel cup? With Bloomingdales in the background.

“My mom calls it bloomies”

Once we were finished, we went to the pop up shop. They had so much amazing merchandise! I wish I could’ve bought it all.

I did convince my brother to buy *my son* a hugsie, though.

It was a long day and a short experience, but it was worth every moment. If anything, I feel like I didn’t savor it enough.

Now I have some questions for you!

Lets be friends on Instagram! @shorthairsandlongnaps

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