The Ultimate Gift Guide for any Golden Girls fan

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Can I just use this blog to write gift guides? Jk….sort of….

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Ahhhhh, the Golden Girls. Out of all my favorite shows, this is by far the one my husband complains about the most, so I don’t get to watch it much anymore.

I love this sassy group of ladies, though. Betty White is a gem of a woman, a rockstar role model and I just absolutely adore her. Who doesn’t?! Everyone loves Betty White.

When I was in high school, I made my own Golden Girls shirt because it was not a popular pop culture thing back then and I couldn’t go to Walmart and buy a shirt with my fav ladies on it back in 2008.

But times have changed and here is a list of the BEST, must have items for any Golden Girls fan!

Sophia Coasters


Spirit animal pin


Golden Girls socks

Why are these so amazing?!

Christmas shirt

I’ll never hear this song the same way again.


Golden Girls leggings?! Are you kidding me?! All I ever wear is leggings and now all I need are these leggings.

Golden Girls sweat shirt

The most amazing sweatshirt you’ve ever seen.

Shady pines sweatshirt

The perfect shirt to go with your new leggings.

Golden Girls headband

Let me just dress you from head to toe in Golden Girls gear

Sophia’s Shirt

HYSTERICAL. And I need it.


Why are there so many great golden girls shirts?! I actually have this one. Haaaa

Amazon links are affiliate links where I make a small commission from recommended purchases at no extra cost to you



What better way to relax after a long day than coloring with your favorite girls?


I’m way too lazy and careless to ever actually use one of these things, but this is amazing and definitely the one I’d get if I used one.


Calling all mad Libs and golden girls fans to come over and play these with me ASAP

I asked for one of these for Christmas last year and didn’t get one. I’m still mad about it but you can get an amazing chia pet that is a replica of your favorite ladies!

I freakin love cross stitch. This is amazing.

YAAAAAASSSSSS TO THIS MASH UP. but holy crap, Sophia had a growth spurt.

Ahhhhh, this little gift guide series was fun. I enjoy making lists, especially of stuff I want lol

Who’s your favorite Golden Girl?! It’s so hard to choose!

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