The Ultimate gift guide for any Gilmore Girls fan

Okay, so my friends gift guide was such a hit, and I love making wish lists so much, that I’m doing one for another of my favorite fandoms.

You can find my friends gift guide here

GILMORE GIRLS. Again, Netflix is behind its reclaim to fame with the release of the revival, and is how I even became a fan in the first place! #teamlogan

Side note: I watched the whole series for the first time when I was pregnant in 2017. When I had my first EVER ultrasound, the theme song started playing and I told my husband that it’s a sign we were going to have a girl. Spoiler alert! We had a boy lol

From cookbooks, to coffee cups and everything in between, lets see some of the best Gilmore girls merch out there!

Doose’s Bag

You know you’d get extra brownie points from Tayler for using this reusable Doose’s bag

Coffee mash up poster Friends Gift guide

I actually have this and it’s amazing. This Etsy shop is actually amazing, I feel like I could be bff’s with whoever is in charge here lol


They also have these amazing posters with every book and every movie ever referenced in the show. I have the book one, which reminds me, I need to get started on my Rory Reading Challenge.

Babette shirt

If you know, you know. And you’ll be needing this shirt.

Gilmore Girls scrunchies

I am like super digging scrunchies right now and THESE?! NEEEEEEED THEM.

Can’t stop sweatshirt

Yeah, basically.

Founders day punch shirt

Box lunch just out here killing it again.

Lukes hat

I’d prefer if this was blue, but whatevs. How cute?? Throw on a flannel and you’re tossing out some magic Luke vibes.

Mash up shirt

Give me all the shirts and all the mash up merch

Theme song shirt

I’ll also take this shirt. Thanks.

Gilmore girls quotes magnets

If you read my Friends gift guide, you’ve seen these already. I want both sets but like I’m so anal about things I’d be mad when they got mixed up. And I know 100% my husband would throw all caution to the wind and mix and match the words.

But how great is this concept?! Which would you prefer? Making friends quotes or Gilmore girls quotes? UGHHHHHH the tough choices in life.

Gilmore girls mug

Because what better mug to drink coffee out of than a Gilmore girls themed mug?

Lukes diner mug

Well, besides a Lukes mug.

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And themed freakin’ colored pencils. Staaahhppp.


I have this cookbook and it’s amazing. You can read it for free if you have kindle unlimited, but you seriously need this in your hands.

Now I’m inspired to make something out of it. Following me on Instagram to follow along on my stories. I’ll show some of the inside because it’s literally one of the best cookbooks I’ve read. @shorthairsandlongnaps

I love reading cookbooks. Is that weird?

I have this one, too. Equally as amazing.


Shop local and support your favorite town.


JESUS WITH A GILMORE GIRLS TWIST?! I just added this to my kindle hahaha HOW GREAT IS THIS?!


Gilmore Girls is my jam. Making gift guides are becoming my jam, too.

Now tell me, team Logan, Jess or Dean?

I also have a Golden Girls gift guide coming HAHAHA and then I’ll be done……for now, at least. 😉

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan. I have never went a year in the past 15 years where I haven’t watched them.
    I had no idea there was this much merch.

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