The Ultimate Gift Guide for any FRIENDS fan

Could I BE a bigger friends fan?! Nope. I LOVE the show friends.

With this year being the 25th anniversary, and the huge popularity its received since being in Netflix, there is so much friends merchandise literally everywhere and I am just over here LIVING for it!

I see ads for friends things everywhere and it’s all just amazing! So, I figured I’d compile a list of all the amazing things I’ve seen (and maybe secretly wish I had) and share it with all the other glorious friends fans out there!

So, let’s start with box lunch! They have so much great friends merch, but here are my favs!

Box Lunch Friends Merch

Friends crockpot

THIS CROCK POT!!! I neeeeeeeeed it. I need it like I need air.

Friends slippers

The coziest slippers to keep your toes warm while watching all the friends Christmas episodes

Box lunch has sooo many great options and a huge selection of Friends t-shirts!

Up next, my favorites from Hot Topic’s selection. I don’t know about you, but I think Hot Topic is always killing the pop culture game. I always love a good find from this store.

Hot Topic Friends merch

Friends Trivia

Bust out your friends knowledge with a fun quiz! …….you’d never beat me though…….

Arm Wrestling t-shirt

You cannot have too many friends t-shirt and this one is HYSTERICAL. This is one of my favorite episodes and when we went to the pop up in New York, they had Ross’s helmet thing he’s wearing on display. So fun!

This next gem is from target, which online doesn’t have a huge selection, but in my local store they have some really amazing shirts! I want the holiday armadillo one SO BAD.

Ball Toss Game

HELLOOOOOOO. A game inspired by the episode where Joey and Ross are tossing a ball and it turns into a huge game. Like how great is this?!

Walmart Friends merch

DVD box set

The DVD’s are the only thing I’ve come across that has the full episodes. Netflix. Nope. Blu-ray. Nope. I don’t know about digital purchases, but if you have a digital option that doesn’t shorten the episodes, LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.

Walmart also has some amazing shirts. I love shirts, can you tell??

Etsy Friends merch

ETSY. Ugh I love Etsy. If you haven’t discovered how amazing Etsy is yet, let me just enlighten you.

GIRLS shirt


Friends Infinity scarf


Friends headband

Etsy is rocking my world. My heart is on fire with all this amazing merchandise.

Friends words magnets

These have been on my wish list for a LOOOOONG time. It’s a magnet set of FRIENDS related words to recreate all your favorite quotes from the show or make your own!

The definition of happiness blanket

I’ve got a thing for blankets and I’m really not sure why this isn’t mine, because this is truly my definition of happiness.

I’m fine phone case


Friends key hanger

Hang your keys by the door so you’ll always be able to grab them on the go, especially when running out the door when a parade balloon gets loose.

Frankie says relax shirt

Now Rachel’s fav sleep shirt can be your fav sleep shirt. I’ve got a shirt obsession. You know what other shirt I want? Ross’s bachelor party shirt but it HAS to have Joey’s face on the back.

Friends LEGO set

This is available for preorder but seriously, how amazing is this?!

Pottery barn also has a freakin Friends line. If that doesn’t make your friends lovin’ heart sing, I don’t know what will

Pottery barn merch

MY APOTHECARY TABLE!!!!!! You can still smell the opium. Get this for yourself here

Especially if your name is Chandler, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel or Monica.

Friends Welcome pillow

Holiday armadillo mug

The holiday armadillo. Seriously? This is amazing.

The next few things are from the Friends Pop Up shop. There is some new stuff since I went to NYC in September and my hearts aching for it. I’ll have to do a blog post about that trip because it was amazing.

Door magnet

I have this and it’s amazing. Everyone needs it.


Because who doesn’t want a bedtime penguin pal?

Crap Bag

Because you know Princess Consuella Bananahammock uses reusable totes at the grocery store.

Central perk travel mug

Always be reppin your favorite coffee joint on the go

Friends subscription box

Culturefly has a friends subscription box that I waited too long to purchase AND ITS SOLD OUT. I’m disgusted with myself. Did you get it? Can you send me pictures when you get it? Hahahaha…..seriously, though…..

All amazon links are affiliate links and I make a small commission off of recommended purchases at no extra cost to you

I’ll be wearing the turkeys until my last breath.

Because every Friends fan needs some central perk coffee for their coffee station.

I currently have a Disney calendar for 2019, but this baby is comin’ in hot for 2020.

I want this word search so bad I could cry.

This is everything anyone could ever want in a beach towel.

Okay, so I could go on and on and on with friends related items that I want, but these are my top favs. If you’re shopping for yourself or a friends fan, hopefully this list helped you out a little.

If you purchase anything, I’d love to know! Leave me a comment and tell me what you’re favorite friends merch is! Also, if you got your hands on that subscription box, PLEASE LET ME LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU! I’m sure its going to be amazing!!

If you’ve been following me for a little, you might have been around for “The September with all the recipes”. Well, that flopped….life got away from me. But I’m dropping the time frame and just doing friends related recipes whenever it strikes my fancy.

Follow me on instagram @shorthairsandlongnaps and check out my friends recipe highlight for some shots of what I’ve made so far.

Thanks for reading! If you’re a friends fan (Which you obviously are if you read this) I am going to put a post together on my trip to NYC for the friends pop up! Stay tuned!

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  1. Oh my gosh how fun! That crockpot is EVERYTHING! Also the Ross phone case is fantastic. I just love FRIENDS! Thanks for sharing this list!

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