The Ultimate list of Christmas gift ideas for your dog

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Hey you crazy dog parent!

If you clicked on this article, you’re my kind of human! Let’s spoil those fur babes!!

My dogs are my whole heart. They are the little, shedding crazies who loves me unconditionally no matter what, so why wouldn’t I want to spoil them at Christmastime?!

Christmas and my dogs….two of my all time favorite things! Now let’s get into the list!

First, the ultimate gift of all dog gifts, a Bark Box subscription!

1. Bark Box Subscription

I absolutely adore Bark Box. My dogs love toys and are not extreme destroyers of toys (lol) so this is a great value for us.

You get 2-3 toys, 2 bags of treats AND a chew (which I usually cut in half for my dogs to share)

This is AMAZING! It’s their treats for the whole month, if not longer and I can replace toys that are falling apart with new toys. Their toy box is always packed!

I love anything with a theme and Bark Box never disappoints. I don’t know who’s more excited when this box shows up, me or the dogs.

Some more of my favs…..and my poor dogs having to pose…..

2. Kong’s

My dogs LOVE a good, stuffed Kong. Is there any dog that doesn’t?! So this obviously had to make the list.

Plus, in my professional dog mom opinion, you can ever have too many kongs. Load them up and keep them in the freezer. There’s nothing better for a last minute treat or distraction than having a pre-stuffed, frozen Kong ready and waiting!

Load with your fillings of choice (I use a lot of peanut butter, yogurt, cheese, pumpkin purée, etc. and I like to layer it and add treats throughout and then freeze it over night (at least) so it is more of a challenge for them, and then it keeps them occupied longer.

Put it in a bowl or a zip lock baggy to keep it from being a mess all over your freezer.

3. Slow feed bowls

Okay, so you’re probably like what?! You think this is a Christmas gift?! But hear me out!

This is a fun, stimulating tool for your dog! By working to get their food out of a the slow feed bowl, not only are they not gulping down their food, but they’re working to get the food out of the obstacles.

Win, win in my book. Mental stimulation is huge. When a dog is bored, they’re destructive, so I’m always glad for an easy way to keep my dogs entertained. It’s just a sweet bonus that it doubles as meal time.

4. Chuck it brand outdoor toys

This is a must over here at our house. Sage is a mega fan of all things chuck it. She gets either a “squirrel”, ball or frisbee for every birthday and Christmas, and it’s always the first thing she’s searching for when she goes outside.

5. Cozy Cave dog bed

OKAY, FULL DISCLOSURE! I have not tried the cozy cave brand yet. We purchased the knock off amazon basics brand, and while I sing my love for amazon from the roof tops, this bed was junk. In a weeks time my dogs had already flattened it on pretty noticeable, so we’re sending it back.

That being said, I LOVE the concept of this dog bed and will be getting them the actual cozy cave from the snoozer brand.

If you have a dog that prefers to be under the covers, this is THE dog bed for you!

I’ll update this once I’m able to fully review the bed, but like I said, my dogs will be getting this for Christmas.

6. Bully Sticks

My girls go bonkers over bully sticks, so no holiday can go by without them getting at least one!

They don’t last long, but they absolutely love them while they last.

I love watching Sage throw hers in the air and jump all around attacking it. That alone is worth getting them for.

7. Honest Kitchen food toppers

ITS CHRISTMAS! Doctor up their daily meal with something fun and let them celebrate at meal time too!

I love these toppers, just mix with warm water and then add to their kibble or serve as is. My dogs LOVE them. (Notice a theme here… dogs love everything on this list lol)

8. Stuffed bones

Compared to the bully sticks, these babies keep the pooches entertained for DAAAAAYS.

They come in a variety of flavors, but the favs in this house are the bacon and cheddar, the peanut butter and jelly and the plain ol’ beef flavor.

Again, the dogs get these for every holiday and birthday. They are a no fail gift option for them every time!

9. Carhartt Jacket

I love this coat so much. We’re also big fans of Carhartt in general, so having a Carhartt jacket for the dogs is a no brainer.

We have the coat in orange because I’m a safety psycho and am not about to give anyone a single change to confuse my dog with a huntable animal, but there are a few other colors if orange isn’t your thing.

10. Dog treats

Last but not least, dog treats. Linked are a few of our favorites, but can you go wrong with a yummy treat in a Christmas stocking? I think not.

You can also make your own dog treats! You can read more about that here. Pumpkin peanut butter dog treats

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