The freedom trail, Boston, Massachusetts

Okay, so let me just start this by saying that I did not think I’d like the freedom trail, but I LOVED it. Loved it so much, and had such a great time walking around Boston, that this is my first blog post about my Salem/Boston, Massachusetts trip.

We stayed at an air b&b in Revere, and instead of driving into Boston, we took the bus. My first bus experience! (Besides Disney’s magical express. Lemme just ride those buses everyday!)

If you’re not used to city driving, or just don’t want to deal with parking, TAKE THE BUS. Or Lyft or Uber. Anything like that.

Once we arrived in Boston, we started walking around looking for coffee. Because duh. Does that even need further explanation?

MYSTIC PIZZAAAAAAAAA. Been there. Loved it. Ugh. Connecticut. 😍 Anyway…..saw this sticker on a pole and had to send a pic to the hubs.

Weird, uncomfortable sidewalk. (Is it a sidewalk? Maybe we weren’t supposed to walk on it. I don’t know)

We got coffee and breakfast from this gem. So good.

It’s small, quaint place with SLAMMIN’ food.

I got the all in one breakfast sandwich on a bagel. GOOOOOOODNESS WAS IT GOOD. Eggs, bacon, potatoes. My mouth is watering. Ugh. So good.

And I got a banana nut bread iced coffee. YUM!

After breakfast, we set out to find the freedom trail.

We stopped to take this picture, put Boston commons in our gps and were on our way. Only to find out we were STANDING on the trail to take this photo. (Face palms for days. But whatevs)

So again, I loved the freedom trail way more than I thought I would. Before I show you more photos, here are my tips and thoughts on the Freedom Trail

  1. It took us waaaaaay longer than 2 hours. And we didn’t even do any tours. We did it completely self guided and didn’t really putz around.
  2. Buy the $3 map at one of the tourist geared buildings. It’s really all you need because there is literally a red brick trail to follow, so why waste phone battery on the digital map?
  3. WEAR SNEAKERS. There were soooo many ladies in heals and uncomfortable looking shoes. There is literally so many brick and cobblestone walkways. We were struggling in sneakers, I couldn’t imagine wearing heels
  • That’s it. Take pictures and enjoy! Because it’s so interesting
  • I was also weirdly fascinated by all the different variations of the red brick line that marks the freedom trail.

    I wasn’t kidding when I said I was fascinated by all the different versions of the trail! Ha. Over 20 pictures on my camera roll of it!

    Have you walked the freedom trail? Did you like it?

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    1. Great post and fantastic photos! The more I read about Boston the more I want to visit, there’s certain magic when it comes to its architecture and various attractions. Thanks for sharing and have a good day πŸ˜€

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